Remote fuel tanks to guarantee your fuel is where you need it

We have a fleet of over 70 tanks ranging from 15,000L to 200,000L that are custom designed to a world-class standard. They are horizontal, double-walled skid tanks featuring Scully couplings for fuel handling to help us maintain our standard for ZERO spillage. We can also build custom storage systems if your project requires it. ERS' tanks can be permanent or temporary, whether in a yard or on a construction or mining site. We can also set up our people directly on your site to manage the responsibility for refuelling your equipment from the remote tanks. 


Our tanks can be set up for high-speed dispensing or we can install our patented electronic cardlock systems into a project. With our satellite inventory control system, we can monitor fuel usage in near real time. Our remote card system keeps us immediately up-to-date with changes in fuel usage and its trending to expected equipment usage. With this information, we can send out refuelling trucks without the need for you to check fuel levels in the tanks yourself or call for more fuel. 


Walkways and stairs on the tanks make them OH&S approved for the stringent onsite protocols. This ensures ERS' tanks are safe and easy to access. ERS is ground containment capable, so should your project require it, we can assume all environment liability for the fuel depot.