Fuel Procurement

"A strong refiner network gives Environmental Refuelling Systems Inc. (ERS) the flexibility to purchase fuel from refineries whose current fuel supply meets our quality standards. ERS has designed and built a comprehensive satellite fuel inventory system to track and monitor fuel levels. The ERS satellite inventory system provides monitoring of fuel usage, so we can immediately respond to changes in fuel requirements, from increasing fuel supply to stopping a shipment when a project's fuel needs have changed unexpectedly. 

Our commitment to our customers is straight forward: the right amount of fuel when you need it, where you need it."

Scott Van Vliet
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

ERS Group of Companies


Summary of processes and technologies

Supply risk
management strategy

  • We manage the potential risk of fuel shortages by maintaining multiple fuel suppliers and access to third-party haulers in the event of mechanical issues.
  • We set up our workers and equipment onsite to provide hands-on management and reporting of fuel usage, so we can respond to unexpected changes immediately.
  • Our field workers are supported by our satellite information-gathering-and-reporting systems along with our staff in Edmonton. 
  • We cannot predict when unexpected events will occur but we are prepared with the processes, people, relationships, and equipment to react when they do, ensuring our customers are not left waiting for fuel.


Our safety culture
on your site

  • Our attitude is that safety is an investment in people, equipment, relationships, and the environment.
  • ERS' senior management has designed its processes and selected its people and equipment to maintain our standard of ZERO tolerance for spills. Drivers and operators have the training and equipment to ensure no product hits the ground.
  • Any spills that may occur are taken very seriously. Clean up is required to be done immediately and properly with a full report, investigation, and a reflection on the accident taking place. Shield Specialized Emergency Services Inc. is our spill responder and we have a well-documented emergency response plan should an unforeseen event take place.



  • GPS on all our trucks.
  • SmarTruck technology for measuring fuel weights and metering.
  • Patented cardlock remote billing system with satellite fuel level reporting to our centralized administration.
  • Scully Scul-Lock® couplers, single step locking mechanisms lock immediately when closed.


Transparent pricing

  • Fuel price is based on daily rack price.
  • Plus overhead and labour.
  • Plus a flat fee per litre to transport, store, and dispense.