Frac Shack™ technology 


To reduce significantly the refuelling HS&E risk to people, equipment, and the project itself, ERS has designed, manufactured, and patented a modular Frac Shack™ fuel delivery system. Our Frac Shack™ technology makes it possible to remove workers from the hot zone and eliminates atmospheric fuel spraying on the frac pad, while ensuring environmental protection during the hot fuelling process. Since introducing the Frac Shack™ over a year ago, mangers using this technology have reported a saving of 1 to 2 hours a day in production down time and the elimination of refuelling stress.

With the ERS Frac Shack™, existing intake systems require no retro fitting. The plug-and-play design replaces the fuel cap and controls all aspects of refuelling the pumper systems. This system allows hot refuelling on the frac pad without the intense danger of fuel spray near the hot equipment.

Summary Frac Shack™

Design benefits

  • Existing intake systems require no retro fitting.
  • Modular design built on its own skid.
  • Fully self-contained including its own power source.
  • Optional 20,000-litre double-walled fuel tank.
  • Ability to fuel up to 12 pumper units at one time.
  • Fuel meters on board.
  • Volumes of 80 litres per minute per pumper.
  • Pumper saddle tanks are monitored using remote wireless technology.
  • Low-pressure fuel delivery system reduces risk.
  • Scully dry break fittings on hoses for clean changes.
  • Overfill protection.


Service benefits

  • Reduces production down time by 1 to 2 hours a day.
  • Improves employee safety.
  • Reduces asset risk management.
  • Greater environmental integrity.
  • Increases production efficiency.