ERS Account Setup Form




  • This package includes forms for Credit Application, Fuel Card Request, Fuel Purchase Agreement
    and Credit Card Application


Once you have completed the forms you can

  • Fax them to:  780-444-4105 – Attention: Cardlock Department
  • Or if you scan the completed forms and turn them into a PDF then email to


Critical info needed to complete our forms


Credit Application

- Legal Business Name
- Address and Contact Information
- TEFU # (only if purchasing Dyed Product)
- Type of Business
- WCB #

 - Company Owners/Officers

- Accounts Payable Contact
- Banking Information
- Credit References (must have no less than 3)
- Customer Signature for Reference Checks (Bottom line)

Fuel Card Information Form

- Company Name and Division Card is Associated to
- Field Contact Name & Number
- Accounts Payable Contact & Phone Number
- Billing Address
- Email Address (if available)
- P.O./AFE/Cost Code (if applicable)
- Fuel Type Required 

- Number of Fuel Cards Required (if cardlock customer)

-List of Unit numbers associated with each card
- Refueling Limits (Litres/Transaction)
- Field Authorization Signature (if card application received by field staff)
- Date of Application Request
- Location of Fuel Pick-up: (cardlock location/site)

Fuel Purchase Agreement

- Business Name and Individual's Name along with Site (pg 1)
- Signature Corporate Buyer or Individual Seller (pg 2)


Credit Card Form (Only if paying by Credit Card)

- Customer Name (Business Name/Individual Name)
- Type of Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard) indicated
-Name as it appears on Credit card
- Credit Card Number
- Validation Number (on back of card 3 digits)

 - Expiry date of Credit Card
- Authorized Signature for Credit Card Transaction
- Fax Number or Email Address for confirmation of transaction
- Check box if wanting to have credit card remain on account or not